About A Better Carwash


A BETTER CARWASH is a service to the community since 2005 in Golden and Arvada since 2009. It is our mission to provide the best in state of the art and damage free car washing technology. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to provide a facility with equipment and chemistry that far exceed anything available anywhere else, from gas station washes to full service tunnels and certainly washing at home.

The brushless automatic machines that we use are manufactured in Germany and use lasers to measure your vehicle in order to contour more closely to the shape of your car or truck, providing far more effective cleaning reasults without damage. These machines are the best availble in the entire world and are even used at the factories for Mercedes Benz, Porsche, and Rolls Royce.

We also believe that it is important to protect the environment and therefore we use solar power, extensive water reclamation, biodegradable chemicals and thorough measures to prevent pollution of water ways. (Home car washing violates the Federal Clean Water Act due to polution of streams and rivers.)

There is no place better to clean your car anywhere. In fact, The Western Carwash Association has honored A BETTER CARWASH with its top award for all carwashes in the entire Western U.S. for 2007 and Golden has recognized A BETTER CARWASH with an award for environmental sustainability. We are also a proud member of the Western Carwash Association, the Rocky Mountain Carwash Association and the Golden and Arvada Chambers of Commerce.

A BETTER CARWASH is a division of Golden Automotive Specialties LLC, with Jim Beetham as managing member. Jim is a 5th generation native of Colorado, who is an auto enthusiast with a passion for clean vehicles. Jim is a collector of modern classic european cars and motorcycles. He has been washing cars for over 50 years and knows that keeping cars clean, and doing so without damage, is important to maintaining their value. The care and attention he gives his concours winning vehicles is the same he gives his businesses. When you come to A BETTER CARWASH facility you can be assured that your experience will be nothing less than perfect. After all who would know better how to clean a car than a perfectionist car collector.